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The National Book Festival

This past Saturday, I attended the National Book Festival which was sponsored by the Library of Congress. The festival was held on the Mall in the middle of all of the Smithsonian museums. There were large tents pitched on the grass with banners on top of them announcing their specializations: Fantasy & Fiction, Teens & Children, History & Biography, Poetry & Prose, Mysteries & Thrillers, plus an additional tent for Children. There were also tents for event sponsors like Target, Scholastic, and PBS, plus a big tent where people bought books written by the authors attending the event so they could have them autographed. I arrived on the Mall in time to stand just inside the Teens & Children tent and hear James Patterson answer questions from his fans. I am not one of Mr. Patterson's biggest fans, but I have read his Maximum Ride series of books about the adventures of a flock of genetically modified children who have wings and can fly. He spoke about his boo…

Green Eggs and Ham

Today I went down to the Greater Grace Learning Center for the annual reading of Dr. Seuss' classic "Green Eggs and Ham." This was the third year in a row that I have done this, and by now I can do a pretty good job with changing voices, showing the pictures, and being animated. I enjoy doing this. The three- and four-year-olds are a great audience and we sit down and eat a meal of green eggs and ham when the story ends. Usually this event occurs near my birthday, so I wear a crown, blow out candles, and eat cake. It is one of the perks of being the principal.

Another perk is being able to sit down and write a blog whenever I feel like it, to let you know what is going on around the school or in my mind. Today is my first blogging effort on this new myGGCA website. We created this website for our students to be a place where they can find information and communicate with their teachers. Every student in grades 7 - 12 is being assigned a email address so that te…