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God Bless Us All, Every One! (Especially Our Teachers)

My feet are still cold from standing out on the sidewalk this morning. That's part of the job, and I wouldn't change it. I love seeing all the faces of the elementary students as they come to school. Children are God's gift to us to remind us of how He sees us and how we ought to live by simple faith in Him. When I watch a child singing or skipping down the sidewalk oblivious to the weight of the world, eager to learn, ready to believe with an open heart, it does my heart good. It reaffirms my faith in our faithful God and what He has called me and the staff here at GGCA to do. 

We have an important mission every day of school, which is to show and tell what God has to say about Himself, us as people, and the world He created through explicit teaching and through our words and lives. It is a sacred mission. Even though we are teaching many of the same subjects that are taught in non-Christian schools around the world, we are imparting the life of Christ through those subjec…

Thanksgiving Afterthoughts, Christmas Beforethoughts

Last week I flew to Maine to be with my parents for Thanksgiving. I got to see a little snowfall, eat some homemade Needhams, recover from a head cold, and go to a church service on a blustery Wednesday night. My father led the singing and I croaked along with my nasal, froggy voice and heard a great sermon from Pastor White about Christ's death on the cross, and how the people who were so zealous about keeping the law broke so many Jewish laws pertaining to the Passover and the Sabbath in order to see Christ crucified. 

That message reminded me of the recent messages spoken by Pastor Schaller about how the Law in man's hands and hearts can only produce death - the absence of the life of God - condemnation, and shame. I was very thankful on that windy Wednesday evening that we have a good and gracious God who fulfilled the righteous requirements of the Law so that we only have to exercise simple faith in the Finished Work of Christ to be acceptable in God's eyes and to be h…