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Quiet Moments

School has been over for a week now and today it is only Nate McFarland and I here in the office. We are preparing the end of the year mailing, stuffing large manila envelopes with report cards, calendars, summer reading lists, school supply lists, and other vital pieces of information. It has been rather quiet here today, so far, and we are enjoying the freedom from neckties and clanging bells that summer affords to us. 

I am not wearing socks (gasp!) and in two weeks I will be leaving for an all-too-brief summer vacation. This year my plan is to visit my family in Maine and then travel with my parents to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island for some rest and relaxation. My idea of a vacation is good friends, good books, good food, and quiet moments to enjoy them all. 
School is very hectic and takes a lot of energy out of me each day. I realize this now that all the staff and students are gone, because I go home with energy to do things at the end of the day; I don't feel as tho…

Scattered Thoughts for a Hot Day

We've been getting a few calls from parents these past two days asking if we will be closing early due to the heat like the public schools are doing. We are happy to inform our parents that GGCA is as cool as a cucumber and that we will be having full days of school unless our air conditioning units break down - that would be an Act of God. Our students have cool classrooms to learn in, a cool gymnasium to play in, and cool cafeteria to eat in, and cool teachers and administrators watching over them. Our school is COOL.

Have you gotten any of those emails from supposed brothers and sisters overseas who want you to send them a little money so that they can transfer thousands or millions of dollars into your bank account for safekeeping? I have only read one of those letters in my lifetime, but I see the brief previews of them in my spam mailbox and am amused (when I am not annoyed) sometimes by the first few words I can see. "I am writing on my knees today..." "I wri…