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He Is Risen, Indeed

I am very tired today as I write this, so if it does not make the best sense or if my writing is riddled with typos, you know why. I have been appearing as Jesus in the Greater Grace Church Easter play each night this week in addition to working as principal at Greater Grace Christian Academy during the day. I love playing Jesus. My desire is to make him real and human - somebody that people would want to know more. I am blessed when people tell me that they would like to think that Jesus is the way I portray him.

I am also blessed by the GGCA students and graduates who are part of this production. They are running lights, doing costumes and make-up, acting, playing music, singing, and working on the stage crew. I entrust my "dead" body into the strong arms of Paul Andrulonis and Charlie Weyer, and I feel quite secure in their care. Kimmy Andrulonis, Morgan Lincoln, and Danielle Bednez help transform me from a crucified Jesus into a living, ministering Jesus in less than seve…