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Heavenly New Year!

Twenty-twelve. Two thousand twelve. 2012. Wouldn't it be incredible if our Lord Jesus Christ came back to take us home this year? More and more, I realize that this world is not my true home, and that this world's system is diametrically opposed to what I am taught from God's Word to live and believe. When God said that His thoughts and ways are not my thoughts and ways, that His are higher, He wasn't kidding. When I am thinking with His thoughts and walking in His ways, I feel like an alien living on this planet, and I long to be in the place God has prepared for me where I can feel one hundred percent at home.

Pastor Schaller has been teaching us about how our God knows us and loves us deeply. John's gospel tells us that the Maker of the world came into the world, but the world did not know Him or receive Him. Pastor Schaller spoke about how how Joseph's brothers did not know him when they met him in Egypt, and how we, too, may not recognize God when He is rig…