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Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Tomorrow I am boarding a plane for Budapest, Hungary along with Pastor Brian and Paula Lange and Nathan McFarland. Together we will be providing professional development for the administrative and teaching staff of Greater Grace International School, something we have not done like this before. We are looking forward to our time with the incredible folk who minister in that school, and I hope that they anticipate our coming with eagerness and not dread. Our goal is to share whatever we have to offer that encourages and empowers them in their school mission.

GGCA and GGIS have a special relationship. We communicate regularly now that the Internet makes audio and visual connections inexpensive and accessible. We have had teachers and graduates from GGCA got to work in GGIS and vice versa. This year, Krista Reagan will be joining the GGCA elementary school team after teaching for several years in Budapest. We are also planning to have a GGIS high school student join us here in Baltimore f…