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Tipped Over

Last Thursday I attended the graduation ceremony of eight Korean kindergartners, four girls and four boys, and delivered the congratulations address. I wrote a speech in English that I hoped was at their level of interest and understanding and stood center stage to speak to them, four children with the surname Kim on my left, the four others (one with the surname Kim) on my right. The students laughed at the moments I hoped they would, and it turned out that people usually addressed the parents at these ceremonies, not the children. Once again, I discover how much of anomaly I can be here in Korea.

I have been coming to KONIS, the Kids of the Nations International School, for almost two years now to share encouraging words from the Bible with the staff members at one of their weekly staff meetings. My messages are filled with grace and finished work truth and God's love, and it seems that often this message can be an anomaly in this country. I have heard Korean believers tell me t…

Made Acceptable

I started this blog back when I was the principal of Greater Grace Christian Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. I named it, "What Was I Thinking?" with the idea that I would share my thoughts as the principal from time to time so that parents, students, teachers, and pretty much anyone else who wanted to read them could do so.

Now that I am living in South Korea as a missionary, I think my blog has become more of a newsletter at times featuring pictures of people, places, and things and telling about what has transpired in my life since the last time I posted a blog entry. I wanted people back home in America and around the world to know what my life has been like and what I have been doing in the hopes that maybe someone would think, "Gee, Dan Dunbar lives there without fear of the North Korean menace and I should think about visiting Korea or pray about going to Korea as a missionary too."

Well, today I am going to use only one photo, and I will just write about wha…