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The Race Isn't Over Yet

Here it is, nearly the end of March, and the weather forecast says that another snow storm could be coming to Baltimore. I like snow. I like snow days. Maybe I'm still a student at heart looking forward to another day off from school whenever I hear snow is on its way. But as the principal of a school, I know that another snow day is not the best thing for our teachers and students, and so I care about that and I am asking God to send the snow somewhere else this week. 

School is like a marathon race where students and teachers need to hit their stride in order to feel comfortable as they work to complete their courses. The word curriculum comes from Latin and it means "a race" or "a course for a race." Teachers are like the coaches who are running alongside their student racers, helping them make it to the finish line by school year's end. As the third quarter draws to a close this week, we can say that the end of the race is no in sight. We are getting rea…

Full, Complete, Surrounded

I am so thankful for the people who work here in the school. The office staff, the teachers, the helpers here on site and all the campus personnel who support the work we do here... a principal cannot get anything done unless he or she is surrounded by capable, conscientious people who share the vision for the school, who pour themselves into executing the mission of the school. John Donne said that no man is an island, and as independent as I can be, I realize that I need God and His people every moment of every school day if anything of eternal value is to be accomplished. My life would be so small without the Body of Christ, without Christ as my Head. We used to sing a song with the lyrics, "We're complete! Complete! Complete in Him! We are complete in Him!" Days like today make me realize how incomplete I am without Him. Christ is the one "that filleth all in all." To be full, to be complete, to be surrounded by a great ocean of love and yet not be an isola…