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I Want to Be a Seed

As you can see from this picture, Koreans have beautiful smiles. Today, Pastor Steve DeVries and I ate lunch with these two ladies that we had not seen for some time. The woman on the left is Professor Im who teaches psychology. Soonja, the woman on the right works as a teacher and counselor for young women at the church she attends now. Both of them had been Bible college students and they had attended our church.

Pastor DeVries had a lunch appointment with the Soonja two days ago, but he forgot and had to reschedule for today. This was a case of divine forgetfulness, since, as a result, Professor Im and I could also be part of the lunch fellowship.

When we pulled up to Soonja's apartment building, we expected to see her, but, lo and behold, Professor Im was also waiting for us. Pastor Steve and I got out of the car to say hello. I thought Professor Im had been visiting Soonja and was on her way home, but to our delight, she was joining us for lunch.

One of the first things Prof…