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Hidden Riches

I have never spent any time in Korea during the month of June until this year. Usually I go to America to visit family and friends at the end of May and return at the beginning of July after attending the Greater Grace International Convention in Baltimore. Not so this year. On May 9, I taught the last Introductory Greek class of the semester then boarded a limousine bus for Incheon International Airport to catch an Air Canada flight to Toronto and, later, Boston. It was wonderful to be greeted by my mother and father at Logan Airport and to drive home to Maine.

The reason for this earlier than usual trip home was a promise I made to my nephew Noah three years ago before moving to Korea. I promised to attend Noah's high school graduation if possible.
Because Pastor Steve DeVries was in Korea, it was possible for me to go home for three weeks. I spent time with my parents...
....and with my brothers and sister and their families,

visited and spoke in the churches in Gorham, Maine