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Meeting God and His People at the Pinhook Meeting House

Today I made a trip north and west of where I am staying in Maine to attend a church service in North Woodstock with the faithful souls of the former Rumford, Maine church. They are meeting in the Pinhook Meeting House which was established in 1860. Pastor Peter Vreeland and his wife Carole drive an hour from their home to minister here on Sundays and Wednesdays. Pastor Vreeland gave me an opportunity to share about my call to Korea and I was able to hand out some of my missionary prayer cards during the fellowship time after the service. There were some delicious homemade baked goods to much on that I hope I will be able to eat more of for breakfast tomorrow. The church has made a commitment to pray for me and send me some support money. Such hearts! They love the Lord, His people, and His work, and they have an impact that reaches far beyond the rolling rural hills of Western Maine. I hope they will be reading this blog as my mission progresses to see the faithfulness of God in acti…