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Autumn Days and Benches

I love autumn. I love how the weather is warm in the daytime and cool in the nighttime. I love that my lawn grows more slowly so I can mow less often. I love that apples and pumpkins come in season and the foods that are made from them. I love the smell of something baking in the oven and sound of soft things tumbling in the clothes dryer since those two appliances warm my home as they work. I love adding another blanket on my bed and moving my sweaters to a higher, more accessible drawer in my bureau. I love the golds and rusts of the changing leaves and the crickets serenading me to sleep. Yes, I love autumn.

We are well into the first quarter here at GGCA. I counted fourteen and a half school days until grades close, the half day a remnant from when Harvest Night was planned to be on a Friday; it is on Saturday now, October 27. We have begun meeting with parents about academic concerns now that progress reports are out. Athletes are on academic probation if their grades are too low …

It's Been So Long! What's New?

It has been so long since I have blogged here. I have been busy since my last posting, getting school up and running and teaching my Essentials of Teaching class on Friday nights at Maryland Bible College & Seminary. I have a blog going in that class too.

September was a month of activity. We started off with a Back to School Night spaghetti dinner, and then followed it with Picture Day, Spirit Day, two Pizza Fridays, along with all the usual office planning work for outreaches, field trips, the annual Senior Retreat, and the special Institute for Creation Research seminar on October 12. I felt the stress of doing so much with just the four of us here in the office, popping ibuprofen caplets for the pain in my shoulders and praying the staff would not mutiny and set me adrift in a dinghy.
October has arrived and I pray that the seas will be calm and the breezes mild so the Good Ship GGCA can sail along without fear of being capsized or driven upon some rocks. I look forward to the S…