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Random Thoughts

This blog is called What Was I Thinking? and from time to time I have random thoughts, as, most likely, you do too. Today, I thought I'd share a few since I have some photographs to accompany them that could bring a little joy into your life.

There is a beautiful older lady in our church named Jenny who comes to Sunday morning services and attends Bible college classes Monday through Wednesday each week. Pastor Steve picks her up in the white Starex van after collecting me, and drives us all to the church for Bible college. Like many Korean people, she is generous to a fault and, being a Korean mother, she is concerned if men living on their own are eating well. One Monday after class, she treated Pastor Steve, Tom, and I to lunch at a restaurant near the church. As you can see from the picture below, she ordered enough food to feed a small army. We felt like prodigal sons dining on the fatted calf. Other church members have done similar things. It's all grace.

On our way to a…