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And I'm Loved By You: A Time of Love

The summer is flying by and I have flew back to Korea on July 13 arriving July 14 due to crossing the International Date Line which puts me 13-14 hours ahead of my friends and family on the East Coast of America, depending on the time of year. As I begin writing this on Friday morning, my parents are getting sleepy and thinking about going to bed on Thursday night. When we talk online, one of us is usually eating breakfast, since my breakfast lines up with their evening at home or my evening at home matches up with their breakfast time. Afternoon here is sleeping time there and afternoon there is sleeping time here. Sometimes I have things I want to tell them, but I have to wait until they are awake to call them. I am grateful for the technology that allows us to bridge the great distance between us.

As I was riding in the car with my parents on Wednesday morning to Logan Airport in Boston, I was thinking about how far away I would soon be from my loved ones in America and it made me…