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Back to the Potter's Wheel

It has been nearly a month since my last blog entry and much has happened since that one. I moved back to South Korea. I attended the East Asia Conference hosted by our church. I went on a missions trip with members of our church. During this time, Pastor DeVries came and left again for a year's sabbatical in America.

Pastor Mark Minichiello came to Asia for his first time and ministered to us at the conference before returning to his life in Baltimore.

Mike Colby came for a week and traveled and ministered with us on our missions trip and then flew home to his life in Budapest.

Now I am settling in to life in a new home, Pastor DeVries' home in Uijeongbu, where I am living with Tain Palanun and Pastor Sejun. I am driving the white van and enjoying the blessing of a clothes dryer. I need to take a trip soon out of Korea to obtain my religious visa at a Korean embassy in another country, so a short sojourn to Japan, China, or The Philippines is in order.

Mostly, I am trying to…

God's Country

God's coun·try noun an area or region, especially a peaceful, rural one, supposedly favored by God.
Growing up in Maine, I often heard this expression used to describe the state where I lived. Having visited other states and other countries, I'd have to say that people in other parts of the world might call the places they live God's country too. It has been a great blessing for me to spend time here with my family and the brothers and sisters in Christ who support me with gifts of money and prayer. Today's blog entry chronicles some of my time here in pictures and words, especially for those of you who have never to Maine. Pastor Bob White honored me by asking me to speak at Grace Bible Church one Sunday morning and again on a Wednesday night. 

I've also spoken to the beautiful older folks at 75 State Street where my dad ministers each month. They have been praying for me and sent me support money.  Today, Pastor Peter Vreeland invited me to speak at his church in Pi…