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Good Soil

I just returned from a vacation in Maine last night. Even though I had not mowed my lawn for over three weeks, it was not a jungle, but there was a mystery plant growing in the middle of my front yard. Usually I run over this plant with the lawn mower when it is small, but this time it was quite large, nearly 12 inches high. The plant is a maroon color, but has not shown any blossoms. When I told my mother about this plant, she said, "It wants to grow. Dig it up and replant it somewhere it can live." So, I borrowed a shovel from my brother, Doug, and transplanted this mystery plant to get it out of the middle of my yard where I would prefer just grace to grow. I hope the plant thrives and shows me what it really is.

People are like that too. They can be real mysteries, popping up in unexpected, maybe inconvenient, places where they get mowed down over and over again until they are put somewhere they can grow and thrive and show their true selves. I felt like that plant when I…