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The Works of God; East Asia Needs You

Come and see the works of God;  He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men (Psalm 66:5). Since my last blog entry, much has happened here in South Korea. The President of the country has had to step down, the temperature has gone down, but our spirits have gone up. Pastor DeVries arrived from America the weekend before the American Thanksgiving holiday and started a series of messages on "The Missionary Mindset." Four days later I was on a plan to China to visit a school there as it finished its first trimester. I was able to go on a fieldtrip to a peach orchard with the staff, students, and their family members. Thanksgiving was celebrated during my time in China with friends who made some traditional treats. A great man from Baltimore happened to pass through the area while I was there. I had some profitable meetings with teachers from the school and then headed back to Korea to resume ministry to the church where we had a mini-mester free Bible college class on th…