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Beginning a Good Work, I Hope

The past month has been a time for me of settling into life here in Korea without Pastor DeVries and some of the other constants that were in my life last year. During this new beginning, I'm still trying to figure things out. This afternoon I took a break from preparing for Bible college classes to have an adventure of sorts. First, I drove to the gas station to put some LPG (liquid petroleum gas) into the white van. It was my first time buying gas in Korea. Next, I drove to the local Costco store. I made a few wrong turns, but my visual memory and general sense of direction got me to the store where I purchased my first Costco membership card.
Having purchased the card, I did some shopping with the little money I had left over after buying gas and the membership. I bought cinnamon raisin bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice, then treated myself to the hot dog lunch special and a honey almond sundae. Satisfied with my purchases and my meal, I set out to drive home, but I was cu…