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It's Not the End

Today we are preparing a mailing that includes report cards, calendars, supply lists, Stanford test reports, and summer reading assignments. It is an annual procedure that closes off the past school year and helps families prepare for the next one. As we fill the manila envelopes, we catch glances of students' final grades for the year and make remarks like, "Wow! She really did quite well this year," and, "I think I will need to call his parents to schedule a meeting, because he has to make up that course he failed." Fortunately, there are only very few phone class that must be made. We also make note of who will not be getting calendars, supply lists, and summer reading assignments, since those students are not returning next fall. We always have mixed emotions about students leaving GGCA, but ultimately we view a student's departure as the sovereign work of God in his or her life. Our God is aBIGGod, and His work in his children is not limited to their t…