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Midsummer Missive

This summer has been hot - way too hot for a boy raised in a state where swimming pools and air conditioners are luxuries, and that state is Maine. I can remember the first car my parents bought that had air conditioning. I don't think they even wanted that option, but the car came with it. It was a source of awe and excitement for us kids who had always relied upon nature's air conditioning, a.k.a. the rolled down windows, for a breeze when riding in the car. A ninety degree day was a rarity which merited some time jumping through the sprinkler on the lawn or, if we were so fortunate, a trip to the beach for a dip in the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

I took a two week summer vacation to Maine and three of the Atlantic provinces of Canada in early July. The weather was cooler than it was here in Baltimore and the places we visited had much smaller towns with less people, less traffic, and less hectic lifestyles. It was a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle and he…