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All New, All the Time

Easter evangelism eggs. Instead of flowers in the pulpit, we had a basket filled with hard boiled eggs ready to go for evangelism after Easter Sunday service. Cool, huh? On a sunny Sunday in Seoul, we went to the park and handed out tracts and Easter eggs. It was great fun for us all. There was resurrection life on the countenances of our church members that was hard to ignore by the people we met. Truly, the risen Savior and Lord was alive in our hearts today!

Spring has come to South Korea. We saw the first yellow forsythia blooming as we walked to the park, and I think some early pale pink cherry blossoms on the ride home from church today. The farmers in my neighborhood are preparing their fields for planting. The rice field across the street from where I live has done some burning.
The fields are stubbled stripes and the odor of smoke and organic fertilizer, a.k.a. manure, is in the air whenever I walk home from the bus stop after teaching Bible college. I think all the d…

Sleepless in Seoul

It is nearly 3 AM and I cannot sleep. I don't know if this is an after effect of my travel through eight time zones and back in one week, the intestinal sickness I have been experiencing since my return to Europe, or my discovery earlier this evening that I had not written a blog post since the end of January. Maybe it is a combination of the three. In any case, I am awake and writing, thinking of what has happened to me since my last posting.
I took this photograph at the end of January outside a restaurant in Dongducheon which is several stops north of where I live in Nokyang. My doctor friend, Charlie Kim, invited me to meet him at the subway stop and travel north to eat some delicious beef rib soup, but our journey began as a comedy of errors due to misunderstandings. 
At Nokyang, Charlie got off the train and I got on and traveled one stop north. After discovering our error, he got on the train again and said he'd meet me in the fifth car, so when the train arrived, I ent…