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Your face, Lord, will I seek...

Today Pastor Love was delayed arriving to the grades 6-12 chapel, so I took the opportunity to address the students and tell what was on my heart. I told them that when asked by Pastor Schaller before the school year began what I desired for our school, I said one word: Revival. I explained to the students that every one of them can have a ministry and reveal Christ if they seek God's face, like Psalm 27:8 says: "When you said, "Seek My face," my heart said to You, "Your face, Lord, will I seek." 

I am counting on God to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders, because, if Christ tarries, we are going to need them to replace those of us who are getting a bit long in the tooth. More than that, though, I believe that our young people can be leaders and have a ministry right NOW. Pastor Brian told our seniors on the senior retreat that if they were dropped as a group in a foreign country, they could turn that country upside-down for Christ because of…


Another Friday is before me and that means elementary chapel time. Our verse of the week is Proverbs 21:5 - "The plans of the diligent end up in profit, but those who hurry end up with loss." Our verses this year cover Christian character traits. We have learned about acceptance, bravery, and compassion so far, and today we learn about diligence.

I have written a skit that will be performed in chapel to illustrate the importance of diligence. I will be playing Dexter, a student who rushes through everything and ends up losing out on grades, understanding, and (gasp!) gym time. I will be supported by someone from the office staff playing The Teacher and a third grader named Nilufar Murodova playing the student I have creatively named Nilufar. She will teach me the importance of being diligent as a Christian.

The skits are a big hit with the elementary students because they are usually funny, and this year I have been using at least one student each week to play an important ro…

Meet Mr. Janssen

It takes a special person to teach science. I should know. I have taught math, history, English, and science in my career, and the only subject I feel I failed to do justice to was science. This is bizarre since I went to college to become a science teacher and have a science specialization on my certification. I taught a year of senior level physics and a year of seventh grade life science. Somebody have me committed to a psychiatric hospital if I ever volunteer to teach science again.

Fortunately for me and for the students of Greater Grace Christian Academy, we have a bona fide scientist for a science teacher. Mr. Janssen loves science and loves teaching and loves students, so he is an amazing science teacher. He loves God too, so that makes him an amazing Christian science teacher, and that is even better, because the beauty of science can only be truly understood in the light of truth which is found in the Creator, without Whom there would be no science.
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