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Happy Birthdays!

I have titled this blog Happy Birthdays with an "S" because last week I celebrated my birthday here in Korea several times. Actually, my birthday celebration began more than a week before my birthday when I received this birthday card from my parents.
Believe me, it means a lot to receive a card or a letter delivered in the mail when you are living in another country. Other than a flyer from Costco that arrives every two or three months (which I can't read since all the text is in Korean), the once-in-a-great-while card or letter from someone back home is a real treat. Yes, an email is nice, but there's something about holding a piece of paper that has traveled thousands of miles over many days that is special, especially when you see somebody's handwritten message inside. Whoever organizes the periodic sending of a card from people at GGWO in Baltimore gets a big, "THANK YOU!" from me. (If I knew who you were, perhaps I'd send you a card...)
My bi…