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And We're Back! What has happened since the last blog entry, Part 4

Airport security in Peking was tight. It was easy enough to collect our tickets to Harbin from China Eastern desk and to pass through passport control, but when we got to the "empty your pockets and put all your belongings in a bin and walk through this metal detection machine," some of us grew uncomfortable. Everyone who passed through the metal detector had to step onto a low platform and place their feet on the two feet painted there, have a wand detection device passed their bodies, and then had to be patted down. It was the pat down that had people squirming, because people don't like strangers touching their bodies. I saw people standing with their heads back, staring at the ceiling, trying to pretend they were somewhere else and this was not happening to them. It didn't bother me, perhaps because once you've been manhandled by 20 kindergartners all trying to hug you at the same time, an airport pat down is like a butterfly brushing up against you. 

Tain got…

And We're Back! What has happened since the last blog entry, Part 3

Before I begin to write about the next phase of our time in China, I must say that it saddens me that I cannot share photos of the people I met there who God put into my heart or even write their true names. I did not take many pictures of people, because I knew I could not use them here in the blog. There are also some things I simply don't write about here in the blog because it is too personal for just any and everyone to read; I would not want the people to whom I am referring to read about these thoughts here. No, I am not speaking of romantic feelings, if that is what you are thinking. I am thinking about concerns for souls and such matters that brings them before my face as I pray. There will be photographs to accompany the words I write, but these pictures will mostly be of places and things, not people. 

After checking out of our hotel and one last Chinese restaurant breakfast where, due to my total lack of knowledge of the Chinese language, I ordered what I thought was a …