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Yesterday, I wrote about the necessity of being an active participant in a child's education. I have a few thoughts that I wish to add to this topic, now that I have had some time to converse a bit with teachers and parents on this topic.

I think that every child wants to know that his parents (and the other significant adults in his or her life) care.

What does this mean in a practical sense? I think it means giving time and attention, asking questions and showing interest. It means persisting.

Do my dad and mom care about me?

* Does he come to see me play my games?
* Does he look over my homework or ask about the book I am reading for school?
* Does she check my grades on the computer and try to help my solve my problems?
* Does he notice when I am not myself and sit and listen when I need to pour out my messy thoughts and emotions?
* Does she stay on my case even when I tell her to leave me alone, because she knows that, left alone, I can't help myself and things will only get wors…

And we're back!

"And we're back!" That's what they say to hosts of live broadcasts to let them know that the commercials have they can be seen and heard by their viewers. The Christmas holiday break has ended and now we're back - back to the business of school, working to finish the second quarter, to bring the first half of the school year to a close. Tomorrow may be one of those, "We interrupt this broadcast" kind of events, better known here in Baltimore during the winter as a snow day. The forecasters are calling for a few inches of the frozen white stuff, so regularly scheduled programming may be preempted by sledding and other snow day activities.

I am preparing to teach a Bible college class called Essentials of Teaching. My first class is on Monday, and I am still waiting for the "Eureka!" moment of revelation when God tells me exactly what he expects me to teach that day and all the Mondays to follow. In my mind, I hope to give my students the most es…