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Two Weeks in Budapest

I hope that I am sufficiently rested to write coherently this morning after being away for some time from Korea in Budapest, Hungary. I slept away most of yesterday, my first full day back home here, so, now that two weeks' worth of laundry has been done, I can give my undivided attention to writing about my time away in the Western hemisphere.

I flew out of Incheon on Thursday night, February 26, at five minutes to midnight. I had spent the morning packing and sifting through all my belongings, discovering things to dispose of in a spring cleaning of sorts, making sure I had everything I'd need for a week of conferencing and a week of working at GGIS. Would I need a tie or two? Where were those books I was saving for Paivi Janssen's class? What kind of adapter would I need for my electrical gadgets? Should I bring Advil Cold and Sinus just in case I really had picked up Tain's and William's germs? I was out the door before noon, riding the subway to Myeongdong to …