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Oh, How He Loves Us

There is no rhyme or reason to the photographs in this blog entry, so don't try to make any sense of them in connection with the words I have written. These are simply pictures I have taken recently that I wished to share with you.
So, here I am at the end of October spending a day at home here in Nokyang on the outskirts of Uijeongbu. I just completed vacuuming the main living areas of the house and trying to put some semblance of order to the bedroom where I do not sleep. A few weeks ago, I took apart the bunkbeds and took out of storage the mattress and other parts of a queen size bed. I still haven't set up the bed. I simply put away everything except the mattress and laid it on top of the two twin mattresses and then moved the other furniture in the room into new locations.
I'm the kind of person who likes everything to have a place, and the disorder in the room made me stay out of there except to dress and undress. Perhaps now I will spend more time there, maybe eve…

Being Mindful of God's Grace

Sometimes I almost sit down and begin writing this blog, but then I think, "Wait. In a few days this event will happen and after this event, you will have more to write about. If you don't wait, what are you going to write about? Write when you have something really interesting to say."

Sometimes this is good advice, but sometimes it is not so good, because when I finally sit down to write, I feel as though there is too much to say and that the blog entry will be so long that only a few will persevere to read the whole thing.

Big sigh. So, here is what has been going on since my last blog entry, as best as I can remember it...

I returned last night from China in time to catch the last bus north to Uijeongbu. If I had missed the bus, it would have meant spending the night in the airport, which is what I did the night before my flight to China last week. I slept cross three chairs in the third floor departure area along with some Koreans and Chinese travelers who had earl…