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Choosing Love

This month I was blessed to receive a visit from my mother and father, Pastor Bruce and Kay Dunbar. We had been planning this visit since my trip home to America last June, and for them to finally set foot on Korean soil was the result of prayer and faith.

It is a long journey from Scarborough, Maine to Seoul, South Korea, one that began with a bus ride from Portland, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts, then continued with a flight from Boston to Detroit, Michigan, from Detroit to the airport in Incheon, another bus ride from Incheon to Uijeongbu, and then a ride in the car from the bus stop to the house where I am living. My parents would be the first to tell you that they are no longer spring chickens, and the travel took a lot out of them. Blessedly, we arrived at the house at bedtime and they were able to shower and go right to sleep.

I had many things planned for what I believed would be my parents one and only trip to Asia. I wanted to show them how I lived, the people I love dearl…