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How God Got Me to Go

Perhaps by now you have heard the news that next September I will be in South Korea and not here in Baltimore serving as the principal of GGCA. Perhaps you are hearing about this now for the first time. In either case, I am writing today to describe what brought about this change in my life. It is an long, odd story, but I think it shows how God works all things together for the good.

I have a good Thai friend named Tain Palanun who taught high school math alongside me for several years at GGCA. When he left the country, he bounced around Asia teaching school in Japan, attending university in China, and then teaching school in Korea. Everywhere he went, he told me to come and visit him, but I never did until last summer when I took my two-week vacation in South Korea. What made me decide to finally go visit him after seven years of putting him off?

A few years ago, I had a subscription to Netflix, because I didn't (and still don't) like to watch commercial television shows. I…