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God is Surely Doing Something All the Time

I posted this photograph on Instagram and Facebook a few minutes ago. If you look closely, you can see the fog on the lens of my glasses. It has been very cold here in Korea this week, and I have wrapped myself in a scarf, gloves, a neck warmer that pulls up to cover my ears, nose, and mouth, a hat, and a jacket gifted to me by a family in the church who must have thought I didn't look sufficiently insulated against the freezing temperatures.
I thank God for heated seats on subway cars and mugs of hot chocolate and citron tea to wrap my hands around when I arrive at the church in the mornings to teach Bible college classes.
The photograph above is one I took while standing at the bus stop this past Thursday. As you can see, the farmland is brown, brittle, and barren in this winter season. I have moments when I feel like this, moments when it seems that God has left me out in the field alone like the kitchen chair in this next photo.

I took this selfie the day that our second vehi…

This Is Not All About Doughnuts. Really. It's Not.

I am writing a blog entry today because I was prompted to do so by a Chinese brother who approached me yesterday here in Dali, China. I liked his indirect way of saying, "It's been awhile since you wrote a blog entry..." Those weren't his exact words, but I got the point. He graciously concluded our conversation saying, "You have people following you, you know." So, here it is, however it flows out of my fingers onto the electronic page.
Here is the road I cross to go to and from my hotel room here in Dali. There are no lights stopping traffic so that one can safely meander across the road. It is like playing Frogger, the old video game where the frog tries to hop across a busy street without being it by cars. So far, so good for me and the other members of our group. Yesterday I ventured into the Old City with Nick and Corinna Plunkett, Rita Hartje, and Frank Luo to do some shopping and eating. I saw a sign from a distance:
Hmmm... Eat? Drink? Let's a…