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In the World, But Not Of the World

A couple of weeks ago before the big storm you may have noticed that I was not standing out on the sidewalk on Monday and Tuesday morning. On those two days I was in Dallas, Texas at a conference sponsored by Summit Ministries, an organization that promotes teaching young people and teachers apologetics and biblical worldview. The conference began Sunday evening and ended Tuesday afternoon and featured speakers such as John Stonestreet, Jeff Myers, and Del Tackett among others. There were some big ideas that I took away from this conference.
The world is flooding our culture with a myriad of non-biblical worldviews and aggressively promoting them through many avenues to our young people. You cannot shelter you child from the world's messages.We as believers have to be as aggressive as the world is in promoting our biblical worldview to our children. We do not want our message to be just one among many and to be drowned out.Children need to be taught our biblical worldview early on …

Movers and Shakers and Tests - Oh My!

So, we are back in school after three days of Hurricane Sandy cancellations. I like knowing that God always has a purpose behind what He allows to happen in our lives. These days off were good for Mr. McFarland who has been under the weather with some sort of respiratory virus. Yesterday's extra day off helped us take care of some minor storm related water problems in some of our elementary classrooms where the wind drove rain under doors and, somehow, over windows, to create dampness. It was much easier to deal with these issues without the students in the classrooms, and the school is as good as new again today.

Today I set foot into a classroom again as a math teacher, something I have not done for some time. I will be reviewing the three basic trigonometric ratios and teaching students how to solve real world problems using these ratios - How high is the tree, the building, the airplane? How far away is the airport? How long is the shadow? All that fun stuff. Mr. Neil Braganza,…