The Third Time is the Charm?

This is my third attempt to write a blog entry in the past two days. The previous entries vanished into the digital void. Perhaps that was God's way of saying, "Try again, Dan. You'll get it right eventually."

I have been trying to write about how busy spring is at our school with all the field trips, graduations, outreaches, concerts, exams, sports, and other special events. This time, I will let that thought be expressed in summary as, "Pray for us (the staff and students), the weather, transportation, and our impact upon our community." There's so much to squeeze in between now and June 8th, and we are going to be sprinting like mad for the finish line.

I have been conducting formal observations of our teachers these past weeks, watching each one teach a lesson and show me what they've got, and I must say that I have been impressed. Maybe I am biased, maybe I am looking for good teaching, but I have seen some lessons that I would call examples of model teaching. We have some incredible people in our classrooms, pouring out knowledge, guidance, wisdom, and life - some better than others, of course - but the quality of instruction is equal to what I have observed in other schools, if not finer, because of the Holy Spirit informing the teaching.

We are blessed that we have a staff that all sits under the same pulpit, hearing the same messages, in tune with what the Spirit has to say to the church - and our school. The unity we have here commands a blessing of life everlasting. I am grateful to God, our gracious Lord and Savior, for allowing me to be a part of this visionary work of our local church. Our school is great and it just keeps getting better.

Keep the prayers coming!


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