Meet Miss Diane

This year I have decided to dedicate some of my blog to introducing the staff of Greater Grace Christian Academy. Today's introduction is for Miss Diane Turmel, better known to her kindergarten fans as "Miss Diane." Miss Diane is GGCA's indispensable kindergarten assistant. She and Miss Anderson are the dynamic duo of the five-year-old set, transitioning students from pre-school to first grade. That is a huge transition. 

I remember watching a Saturday morning cartoon called Recess in which the kindergarten students were depicted as a tribe of uncivilized natives. To a degree, that humorous depiction is accurate, because kindergarten is the grade where students learn how to be "civilized" students. 
Miss Diane is one of the ladies who brings civilization to the kindergarten "tribe."

Miss Diane is a patient helper of teacher and students alike. Do you remember ever being sick or having an accident in kindergarten? Miss Diane is the kind soul who helps kindergarten students get through those times when they get hurt at recess, don't feel good, or don't make it to the bathroom in time. She is the like the Holy Spirit working in the background so that the classroom runs smoothly and Miss Anderson can teach. There's a lot of preparation for each day of kindergarten, and Miss Diane tirelessly helps make those preparations throughout the school day and after school hours.

Sometimes the teacher's assistant is overlooked and does not receive the credit she deserves. Sometimes only the teacher she helps realizes the tremendous contribution she makes to the success of the class. Well, I wanted to talk about Miss Diane first and foremost, because she does such an incredible job for which I am very grateful, and I wanted you all to know what a gft she is to our school. Praise be to God, for she is one of those spoken of in 2 Corinthians 1:24, a true "helper of our joy." Look at her smiling countenance!


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