Meet Mr. Evans

I can't rightly recall how Mr. Michael Evans began working at GGCA, but I am glad that he did. Did I hire him? If so, I must remember to pat myself on the back for making a good decision. What I do know is Mr. Evans' amazing flexibility and faithfulness. Every year he as worked for me at GGCA, he has come to me and said that he is available to teach whatever needs to be taught. I have asked him to teach math, science, and history and he has told me that as long as he can have the books for the summer, he will be ready. This is a school administrator's dream! 

Mr. Evans is a great teacher who grows from year to year in wisdom and experience. He has become our middle school's afternoon anchorman, teaching seventh grade science and either seventh or eighth grade math for the past two years plus monitoring the seventh grade study hall. He wears awesome neckties for which he says he never pays more than two dollars, and he has some pretty good stories and jokes to help make the afternoon's education as painless as possible. He is one of the most patient souls I have ever met (a pre-requisite for teaching grades 7 and 8) and he truly enjoys his students. He is anything but boring, he is consistent and fair, and he is a better teacher than he admits or knows.

Take a gander at Mr. Evans' necktie awesomeness!


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