Rainy Days and Fridays Always Cheer Me Up

The rivers are rising, roofs are leaking, sump pumps are stressed, and the itsy bitsy spider may have given up all hope of ever climbing up the water spout, but it is Friday here at Greater Grace Christian Academy and we are completing our first week of our new school year, and that is cause for celebration and praise. This is our 25th year of service to church going Christian families in the Greater Baltimore area. Twenty-five years! 

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings having school in a Teamster's hall and in a former funeral home. I know adults who went to school in those buildings and they have stories to tell that make you laugh and shake your head in wonder that they actually have fond memories of those places. When I think of the little room I once taught in where I had only twenty-one chairs for my students to sit in, when I taught combined classes of freshmen and sophomores and of juniors and seniors from $2.50 "textbooks" with the construction and life expectancy of a comic book, I praise God for all we have in our school today.

Come rain or come shine, we're having school here at GGCA, and not only do we have beautiful classrooms, an excellent curriculum, and incredible, godly teachers, but we also have an amazing spirit and vision here in our school, the same spirit and vision that those first folks had when our school was founded twenty-five years ago. It is a spirit that says, "God has mandated Christian education, so we are going to have a Christian school for our children and for our families, and it doesn't matter where it is or how beautiful it is, we are just going to go forward by faith, trusting God to bless us in this great endeavor." And God has blessed us, and we are still going forward by faith and providing the most excellent Christian education we can.

It is Friday and tomorrow CYA soccer begins and our hard working teachers can have a day to rest as they build up the stamina required to teach and manage a classroom filled with eager young minds day-in, day-out, come rain or snow or sleet, or blazing heat, come colds or flu or chicken pox or head lice - whatever the Lord allows. Praise God for twenty-four great years. We are expecting that the best is yet to come!


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