Decisions, Decisions

I cannot believe that an entire month has passed by without my writing a blog entry. Such neglect on my part! I apologize to any of you who have been waiting for a new post. Today I will make amends by writing about something dear to my heart - our GGCA students

First and foremost, understand that each GGCA student is an inestimable treasure, most certainly in your eyes, but also in ours, and we thank you for entrusting your treasure with our school. It is like you have entrusted us with your treasure and we are the stewards working to produce a return on your investment by investing in each child ourselves. We aren't going to be like the steward in the parable who wrapped the talent entrusted to him in a napkin and buried it. No. We are going to do our best with all we have to work in partnership with you to help bring you child to his or her full potential.

Of course, the difference between a financial investment and a human investment is that the human investment has a mind and will of its own and must actively participate to bring about the desired outcomes. Simple dollars and cents passively submit to whatever we choose to do with them and are more predictable than any complex, living, breathing child. As parents and educators, we have a great and wonderful challenge before us to train up children in the way they should go in the hope that when the children are older they will not depart from the character and truth we have tried to instill them.

We have come to that time of year where some students have become weary of school and have stopped actively participating in their education. For some, their poor habits have caught up with them and they are now experiencing the consequences of what they have and have not done. I was reading from 1 Samuel this morning about the coronation of Saul and king of Israel, and the people realized that God was displeased with their decision to have a human king reign over them, and they were unhappy and afraid. Samuel stood up and told the people that they had a choice; Either to turn their backs on God or to follow Him. We all have the same choice in our lives when faced with our failures and shortcomings: Do we get angry with God, our boss, our parents, our teachers, our spouses and turn our backs on them to pursue empty ways that cannot deliver us? Or do we humble ourselves under God's hand and serve Him with all our hearts and watch Him do great things for us?

I love it when I see a student who owns his mistakes and has a change of heart and spirit and allows himself to be taught the good and right way. That is what we are working to instill in every GGCA student - the Christian character that rebounds by grace and wholeheartedly strives for great things through Christ. I believe that GGCA is a place where lives can be changed - transformed - by the quality of academic, spiritual, creative, and physical education that is provided here. You have made a wise decision to place your child in this school and only heaven will show the eternal fruit of that decision. God bless you!


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