Breathe on Me, Breath of God

I went to my pulmonary doctor today, because I keep coughing. I had a headcold and bronchitis while I was in Korea (that made climbing to the top of a dormant volcano very interesting), but those are long gone thanks to two rounds of amoxicillan and some nasty tasting prescription cold medicines. I suspected that my cough induced asthma was the culprit, and Dr. Liu confirmed that today. It's back to daily doses of inhaled steroids to keep the inflammation in my lungs at bay, and a five day course of treatment with prednisone, which Dr. Liu says may make me feel "energetic," so I may get more done than usual...

It's funny to me that my younger brother's childhood ailments - bronchitis and asthma - have left him as an adult and found their way into my lungs. Why, God? Why?

Songs we sing in church with lyrics like, "This is the air I breathe," and "Every breath that I take, every moment I'm awake, Lord, have your way in me" have taken on fresh meanings for me. Being able to breathe is important. I remember panicking under the blankets in my bed as a child when I felt I could not breathe, and emerging hot and sweaty to gulp in cool, fresh air. I remember coming close to drowning in Thailand and thinking, "I am going under and my next breath is not going to be air but water," before God somehow expelled me from a whirlpool and beached me on some rocks where I heaved in great lungfuls of air.

Respiration and inspiration. I am hoping to breathe easier with my medications and hoping for the Spirit of God to flow in and out of me in the school days ahead. Pray for the breath of Heaven to fill our school this year.



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