Cloudy October Day Thoughts

I'm looking out the office window at the gray clouds that have dimmed the skies on this October morning. There are no shadows on a day like this. Will it rain and cause the varsity boys' soccer game to be postponed to another day? These are the thoughts drifting across my mind like the clouds overhead, nothing of great consequence, but hard to ignore.

Our school office is changing in appearance. Now that the school receptionist has moved to the new front entrance, the inner office is no longer a main traffic route. It is like the old Route 66 which was bypassed by new interstate highways, diverting travelers. We do not see every middle and high school student passing by our desk any more, and the phone does not ring as often. That is not to say that we are lonely or have nothing to do here. Life is simply different, and our office is changing to reflect the difference.

There were some wonderful messages preached this past Sunday on legalism and grace, and they changed the way that I think about those two subjects. I now look at the law of God in a different way. As Pastor Brian said in this morning's staff meeting, grace applies the law in love causing it to act as a coach, a friend, or a guide that always desires the best for us. Christ fulfilled the just demands of the law, so we face no judicial penalty from not keeping the law. We do not serve God by keeping the law in the strength of our flesh for our own sakes, but we serve God out of a heart of love, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to bring God glory and we experience joy!

So much can change with just a few words, a small diversion of traffic through a new door, a message on a Sunday morning. I love it when God does a new thing.


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