Lions and Tigers and Boars - Oh My!

This evening around dusk, I decided to climb Bonghwasan again to get some exercise and fresh air. At the place where I have to make a right turn to head to the summit, I noticed some new signs had been hung. Here is the first one:

Cute, huh? Little squirrels carrying acorns. Next came this sign:

Again, some friendly chipmunk/squirrel cartoon creatures and acorns. A few yards away there was this sign:

A pink bunny rabbit with his woodland friend. The mountain forest seems like such a friendly place, doesn't it? When I hiked a bit further and reached the steep stairs that lead to the top of the mountain, I encountered this last sign:

Let's look at the two pictures more closely...

That looks like an angry boar to me. What could this sign be about? Let's check the other picture...

Hmmm... Does this mean that I should not throw rocks at boars and make the angry enough to chase me? And why am I just now being informed about wild boars on the mountain?

I'm not really scared. I'm enjoying the signs as I climb the mountain.

Last night, I was treated to a special meal of pizza, fried chicken, and cola thank came via delivery. Korean fried chicken is scrumptious! I was nervous about eating pizza in Korea. I had read many stories about pizza here and did not expect it to be anything like American pizza. I told Esther to keep our order simple - either pepperoni or double cheese. 

The pepperoni pizza had pepperoni-ish thinly sliced meat on top as well as bits of corn, crumbled sausage, and green pepper mixed in with the cheese. The crust was not half bad, and the tomato sauce was a little on the sweet side. I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken had been coated with batter that was a bit spicy and little sides of sweet pickles and pickled radish came along with it. 

After our meal, Esther and I climbed the mountain. I wanted to get a picture of one of the Narnian lamp posts lit up at night.

I have a wardrobe in my bedroom, and I sometimes wish I could climb in and walk out of one of the closets in GGCA to visit with the teachers instead of sleeping, since it is daytime in Baltimore when it is nighttime here. I miss the preparation for school, when all of the staff members are there and the students have not arrived yet.

I will say it again - alone time with God in His creation, thinking about what I am listening to in my Bible college classes and mixing those thoughts with the music I am listening to does powerful things to my heart and soul, and I think that if I did not sing along with the music, the rocks beneath my feet would burst into songs of praise. I look out over my little piece of Seoul and pray for Korea and its people and the special ones God has placed in my heart.

I am looking forward to this Thursday morning when I will be visiting a special school for North Korean refugees with Pastor DeVries. He gave me a calendar back in Baltimore which included artwork by students of the school, and some of the images broke my heart. If God can in anyway use me to express His great love and compassion for their souls, I will be honored. I hope to have something to report about my visit later in the week. In the meantime, there is Bible college, where I lead songs in the morning, Tuesday afternoon Firm Foundations class with the Japanese students at the cafe, and church service Wednesday evening service, among other things. It is nearing midnight, so I will turn in and get some rest now. Thank you for reading and praying and supporting me in so many ways. I feel buoyed up by the Body of Christ every day.


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