It's a Good Thing God Shows Up

Graduation Day 2014 has been memorable one. This was my twenty-fifth graduation ceremony at GGCA and it may be my last - God only knows. 

I never know what to expect from a graduation ceremony. Will it be filled with laughter or tears? Will it be be a mutual sigh of relief by both staff and students that the class has (FINALLY) completed its course and is (THANK GOD) moving on? Will the valedictorian and the graduation speaker have anything good to say?

My take on this day is that God made this ceremony His own, because every word spoken and sung from the platform was fitly framed to complement the others and speak something on God's heart for all of us. This graduation was a sacred, anointed time which had laughter and tears, some sighs of relief, and many good things said. No one could have scripted such a ceremony. It was like the Bible - many different authors working separately, but from the same Source so that, collectively, one consistent message came across. Many voices, but one Voice.

God glorified Himself today and we were blessed to be in the room when He did so. My thanks to everybody who made the ceremony possible behind the scenes and on the platform, from flowers to gowns, diplomas to slideshows, music to steaming video and sound. When God shows up to make something happen, I feel like I did nothing at all. 

And that's a very good thing.


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