Beauty Here and There

After I finished writing my blog last night at 2:37 AM, I realized that I had some pictures on my iPhone that I had not downloaded, so this morning I downloaded them all this morning. I have decided to have a blog entry with mostly photographs and not so many words, showing you some of the beauty of Korea that I've witnessed these last two weeks. 

Busan Seaside:

These are a few photos I took during my time in Busan last weekend with Seongho. I loved that there were places to recline and admire the view of the sea and watch people as the hiked along the coastal boardwalk. 

Asin Bikepath Views: 

I walked around Asin one recent Saturday afternoon. I wanted to be near water and mountains and have a peaceful outdoor setting to read a novel. I bought some food and sat in front of a 7-11 and read, then walked down beside the river where I found a bike/walking path to follow and just kept walking until the sun began to set. I came across a Korean army base with artwork painted on its walls, along with vines that made their own works of art.

Asin Station

Bonghwasan Mountain Walk:

I climbed the mountain for the first time in about a month to soak in the fall colors and breathe in the aroma of fallen leaves. I got some pictures of how pretty the tree lined streets are here along with some shots of people on the mountain stretching and playing games, kids on their bicycles, and moms with their babies waiting to cross the street.

Leaving the apartment complex.

Returning home to the apartment complex.

Uijeongbu Fundraising 50 Mile Run:

Emily and William spent Friday running 50 laps of a mile long course on the outskirts of Uijeongbu, past harvested rice paddies, and farms where chickens, ducks, and goats were being raised. They were running to raise money for a school missions trip. Tain, Dawn, and I dropped in to show support and we walked a lap taking a few pictures along the way.

Emily and her friend Gloria
Emily and celebrity reporter, Tain Palanun

Autumn is a great season to visit Korea. It is not hot and humid, the fall foliage is magnificent, and it is very pleasant to walk around by the sea, up a mountain, even through the big city of Seoul or a small city like Asin. I'm hoping my parents come visit during the fall next year. I haven't experienced a Korean winter or spring yet, but I think fall is going to be a hard season to beat.

Ecclesisiastes 3:11 says, 
"He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end."



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